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How does it work?

  1. You tell us your temporary staffing requirements by filling in this forms. 
  2. The form is automatically sent to our data base of Healthcare Recruitment Agencies. 
  3. The Healthcare Recruitment Agencies in your area, that can meet your requirements will contact you by email or phone.  
  4.  If you are happy with the fees and terms of business, the Recruitment Agency will deploy the staff on the specified date. 

What are the benefits?

  1. Fast access to a pool of Healthcare Recruitment Agencies and staff in your area.
  2. Save time as you no longer have to Google then contact the Agencies one by one.
  3. You are in a position to negotiate better deals.

Note: Agency Care Staff Ltd. facilitates business to business services but is not responsible for any damage or financial loss and is not to be contacted regarding disputes. The contract is between the Client (the business asking for temporary staff), and the Healthcare Recruitment Agency (the business that will offer the temporary staff for assignment). 

1. Business information

For example: Care Home, Domiciliary Care, Rehabilitation Centre, GP surgery etc.
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